Bun Ca – Fish Noodle Soup

Tuyet’s Vietnamese Fish Noodle Soup

Bun Ca is 3-way fish noodle soup, originated from the central region of Vietnam. Tuyet created the new recipe to make the broth more flavorful and aroma. Continue reading “Bun Ca – Fish Noodle Soup”


Bun Thang – Rice noodle soup with chicken, pork, egg

Bun Thang by FoodForFour

Bun Thang is Vietnamese  rice noodle soup, was originated from northern Vietnam.  The broth is cooked from pork bones and chicken.  Bun Thang is served with shredded chicken, cha lua (Vietnamese ham), thin strips of egg omelet, and garnished with coriander and rau răm. This is light and tasty noodle soup and good for any season. Continue reading “Bun Thang – Rice noodle soup with chicken, pork, egg”

Mi Quang – Noodle soup

Mi Quang from The Spices of Life

Mì Quảng is a Vietnamese noodle dish that originally came  from  Quang Nam, Da Nang in Vietnam.  “The beautiful wide yellow tumeric noodles, covered with vibrant orange shell-on shrimps, fatty thin slices of pork belly, big chunks of spared ribs, fried fish paste, sesame rice crackers, roasted peanuts, fresh herbs, shredded banana blossom  makes this bowl of noodle so appetizing. ” (Source:  The Spice of Life).

Link to recipe from The Spice of Life.  Continue reading “Mi Quang – Noodle soup”