Best Cha Chien Chay – Du’s Vegan Croquettes

In this Vietnamese vegan croquette recipe, I use  cooked mung bean and Jícama to enhance texture, taste, also for healthy cooking and gluten-free.   Jícama has natural sweetness, crunchy and enhances the texture (not doughy) for croquettes.  Mung bean adds flavor and used as egg substitute.
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Banh Beo Chay – Vegan Savory Steamed Rice Cakes

DU’s Banh Beo Chay

Banh Beo Chay is Vietnamese vegan steamed rice cake, topped with seasoning cooked mung bean, sautee  chopped carrots, and scallion oil. This savory  Banh Beo  is served with  Nuoc Cham Chay. Continue reading “Banh Beo Chay – Vegan Savory Steamed Rice Cakes”