Welcome to  Du Smart Cooking !  

Food is an universal language.  In our family,  food  and guests are important. If you were a guest at  our home, our parents would  tell you  “eat, eat more  and eat a lot!”

We are the Du Sisters:  Dan, Tuyet, and Jan.   We create the new and “smart”  cooking methods for Vietnamese and Chinese food, based on the following requirements:

  • Kitchen:  modern kitchens  (Europe, North America)
  • Cooking methods: simple, quick, easy,  modern, engineering
  • Food: delicious, healthy, light
  • Ingredients: can find at supermarkets
  • Recipes: new and enhanced traditional recipes from Vietnamese/Chinese and  international cuisines
  • Innovation:  bring Vietnamese/Chinese cuisines to the next level
    • Modern cooking techniques, and
    • Enhance food taste but maintain its authenticity.

Jan is the founder and editor at Tra Vinh Networks and Du Smart Cooking websites.  Since I was  6 year old, I enjoyed hanging around the kitchen to smell the aroma,  taste good food that were cooked by family chefs .    I like to eat good food, and can cook good food.  However, I do not want to spend a lot time in the kitchen!  I’ve researched “smart” quick  and easy  cooking techniques.

Dan is a “master chef” in family cooking and party food.  She also creates many best recipes with new  cooking  methods.  Her signature dishes are  Banh Xeo, Hot Pots.  She enjoys traveling around the world, cooking, gardening, entertain guests, and has 2 cute dogs.

Tuyet loves travel,  fashion, cooking, garden, crafting, and photography.  She is an excellent cook.  She is a “master chef” in French, Chinese and Vietnamese pastries.   She brings Vietnamese cuisine to the next level by creating modern cooking techniques, enhancing taste and maintaining its authenticity. Tuyet also explores the  international cuisine, and bring the new dish to her kitchen every week.  She is an expert in East meets West weekend menus.

Tuyet’s Mango seafood salad
banh xeo 100
Dan’s Banh Xeo