Smiling Steamed Rice Cakes — Fatt Koh

fatt koh
Smiling Cake (fatt kok) by Trucvy Zoe

Smiling cake, is Chinese muffin made from rice flour.  Chinese  people make or buy this cakes during the New Year holidays.   They believe the “smiling” cakes would bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.

In Vietnam, the smiling cake, is called “Banh Thuan.”  I ate that cake when I was very young.   The cake was so soft and fluffy like Japanese cotton cake.  Base on the texture of the cake, I think it was made from a special “cake flour,” not rice flour.  Cake made from rice flour is dried when it is cold.

There is also similar smiling cake in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

The hard part of making this cake is how to make the cake is “smiling” or blooming.   In Thailand, people use special chemical to makes the cake smooth and open.



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