Recipe: Bánh Cuốn Pork Crepes

Photo Credit: see Reference

Bánh cuốn is Vietnamese pork crêpes. It is rice rolls, made from a thin, sheet of steamed rice batter, filled with seasoned ground pork, and minced onions, shallots. Sides for this dish consist of chả lụa , sliced cucumber, and bean sprouts, with the dipping sauce Nuoc Cham. In Tra Vinh, Banh Cuon is also served with banh gia

Traditionally, the rice crepes are steamed on the top of a piece of white fabric that sits on the top of the boiling water pot. The crepes cooked this way are soft and silky.

In the US, we use the non-stick skillet to make the crepes, so they are not as silky as the traditional crepes. However, with good seasoning pork filling and dipping sauce Nuoc Cham, the home-made Banh Cuon are still very delicious.


Cooking Tips

  • First time, when you use non-stick pan to make crepes, it will take a few tries to make them right. Do not throw away the bad crepes that you cannot fill the pork mixture. Put them aside. When you eat, place them on the bottom of the dish, and put good Banh Cuon rolls on the top.
  • Wood ear mushrooms are optional, is for crunchy.
  • Also, you can you any kind of ground meat (beef, chicken, turkey), or go with tofu if you do not eat meat.
  • Make sure Nuoc Cham is sweet and savory since it plays an important role in good Banh Cuon.

Picture: Traditional way of making Banh Cuon with steam pot. (Note, this picture I found on the internet long time ago)

Traditional way of making Banh Cuon


  1. Recipe from
  2. Recipe and video of making Banh Cuon with non-stick skillet, by Runawayrice – Youtube video. Must watch. Good instructions, and tips.
  3. Video of making Banh cuon in food stand in Can Tho, Mekong Delta – Good to watch two guys team work. (Source: Wander Spoon)
  4. Video of making Banh Cuon in Vietnam food stand
  5. – Video how to make Banh Cuon traditional way in Vietnam and recipe from Chef Luc Nguyen (Australia)

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