Banh Tet

Banh Tet is traditional rice cake in Mekong Delta and south Vietnam. “Banh Chung”  is popular in North Vietnam.   People make “Banh Chung”  and Banh Tet to celebrate Lunar New Year.

banh tet tra cuon (16)


Rice cake: sweet rice, la bu ngot (vegetable provides natural green color and aroma), pork belly, pork fat (optional) , mung bean, salty eggs (optional), coconut milk, salt, sugar.

Wrapper: banana leaves.

Banh Chung, and Banh Tet  are have similar ingredients, but different shape. However, for Banh Tet, it would take time to learn how to make the right shape and  core (mung bean and pork) has to be in the center of the cake.

Banh Tet Tra Cuon, is rice cake from Tra Vinh, and famous in south Vietnam.


  1. Recipe and instruction of making Banh Tet – Youtube video.  Video shows how to prepare,  wrap and cook Banh Tet.  This is a good video in English for beginners and suitable for modern kitchen.   Note that, this method is not the traditional method of making Banh Tet in the Mekong Delta.
  2. Banh Tet Tra Cuon –  link to original pictures
  3. Banh Tet Tra Cuon – Youtube video, documentary in Vietnamese

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