Com Tam Bi Suon Cha

Com Tam So 1 – Pho So 1 restaurant, Seattle WA, USA

Com Tam Bi Suon Cha is Vietnamese rice dish that has grilled pork chop, shredded pork, meatloaf, egg (optional) and served with Nuoc Cham.

Requirements for best taste

  • Thit Nuong –  Vietnamese BBQ pork not overcook, seasoning well, juicy, tasty and tender.
  • Cha – bad meatloaf  has unpleasant taste. Just leave it out.
  • Bi – not too much shredded pork skins
  • Cooked rice – not too wet or too dry
  • Dipping Sauce – Sauce is mixed with rice, so it should not  be too light or salty.




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