Banh Gia

banhgia banh-gia-cho-giong-1

Banh Gia is Vietnamese deep fried shrimp cupcake, was originated from Mekong Delta region, sold at farmer markets.

Ingredients: rice flour, corn starch, salt, bean sprouts, jacima.   Banh gia is topped with shrimp, cooked mung beans (with extra pork liver and ground pork, not traditional way).

Banh Gia is served with vegetable plate and dipping sauce. In Tra Vinh, Banh Gia is also a side dish for Bun Nuoc Leo, and banh cuon.


  • Not greasy
  •  Crunchy from the outside, 
  • Light texture and not wet inside
  • Crunchy even it is cold

Cooking Tips

  • If you make Banh Gia, the important to make the batter so the cake is light and crunchy.  For topping, you can put anything you like, and you do not need to put pork liver.
  • Cha Khoai Tay Chien is vegetarian  Croquette. I created this dish based on Tra Vinh’s Banh Gia and French Croquette.
Cha Khoai Tay Chien1
Cha Khoai Chien



  1. Banh Gia Cho Giong Tien Giang – Youtube video cooking show in Vietnamese by Ms.  Uyen Thi, popular TV chef.
  2. Vietnamese video clip about  Banh Gia Chợ Giồng ,Tiền Giang, Vietnam. Note that, pass 1/2 of the video to see  how to  make banh gia.

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