Bún Nước Lèo Tra Vinh

“Tourists, please come to try our aroma and delicious Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh. You’ll never forget the food you eat from here.” (Khmer’s folk song).

Bún Nước Lèo, is fish rice noodle soup,  is Tra Vinh’s signature dish.  It is the “Melting Pot,” between the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmer cuisine.

Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh
Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh

Bun Nuoc Leo has a long history.  At the beginning, it was Khmer’s cheap fish noodle soup, served with vegetable plate, and sold at local farmer markets. Then, the Vietnamese/Chinese housewives and chefs have improved the recipes for better flavor and taste. Finally, it became the gourmet dish. Bun Nuoc Leo is served with “luxury” side dishes such as thịt heo quay (Chinese roast pork) and crunchy cha gio (Vietnamese eggrolls).

Nước Lèo (soup) is cooked from special fish stock, Khmer’s reserved fish, shrimp, red pepper, lemongrass, mushrooms and herbs.   Bun nuoc leo is served with fresh rice noodles,  pork belly, seafood, shrimp, fish fillet, and special side dishes.

Side dish:  Thit heo quay (Chinese roast pork),  cha gio (egg-roll), or  banh gia (shrimp cupcake)
Vegetable plate: water lily, bean sprout, cabbage, banana flower, rau muong (water spinach), mints, herbs, chives.
Condiments: lime wedges, red pepper salt, vinegar


  1. Link to Vietnamese article: Tim hieu mon Bun Nuoc Leo.
  2. Đặc sản Trà Vinh – Bún nước lèo – Youtube video in Vietnamese

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